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3 Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Updated: Jan 23

Loft conversion is gradually becoming most preferred idea for extending a house due to its cost-efficient nature and ease of obtaining appropriate permissions (e.g. permitted development certificate) especially when working with expert home remodeling architects. As people say “don’t move, extend”

As the housing market continue to soar, homeowners are opting to bring a new lease of life to their property instead of moving out and selling the property. Having knowledge of loft conversion process helps with providing understanding on what it all entails.

Here are some of the benefits of loft conversion;

Access to Additional Room Options

One of the reasons why people opt to sell homes is due to increase of need for extra space within the house as the younger generation also get to reach their teenage age that demands for increased independence. As much as considering extension and conservatory may be appropriate, such takes a lot of time and may require approved planning permission. With the help of an expert custom home builder, you can opt for loft conversion as way of creating extra space within the home not affecting your garden or internal floor area at the lower floor levels.

By engaging an expert architect who is well versed with loft conversion, you can create additional bedrooms, perhaps master suite consisting of a master bedroom en-suite bathroom and walk in wardrobe can be created. You can have a sauna included, sometimes a playroom, additional storage, guest bedroom, study or even a TV room. Loft conversions provide homeowners with various room layout options that they can settle for.

Access to a range of styles

When it comes to embracing loft conversion, you can be assured of the fact that you can hardly run out of styles that can complement your home. Various style conversions can be tailored by expert architects that you engage to take care of your requirements and theme of the house. Whether your preference is a domer construction that extends your current space and utilizes its full potential or just a conversion by the use of Velux, Fakro, Velfac rooflight or Velux cabrio balcony you can be assured of settling for the perfect style that suit your taste and theme.

By opting for loft conversion for home remodeling, you get access to a range of styles, structural and ergonomic solutions that will suit any developer’s needs. The possibilities are ample and only sky (and sometimes budget) is the limit.

For example, if the roof pitch of your existing house is high enough then it may be possible to make a hip to gable extension or even include full width dormer window.

Should the space under the existing roof be insufficient or the full dormer prove to costly, lowering and strengthening the loft floor and simple insertion of Velux rooflights might be the option to convert it to habitable use.

Adds value to the home

Another key benefit of loft conversion is that it not only makes it possible to have extra rooms and features within the home but also adds value to the home. Loft conversion is capable of adding up to 20% to the property value which makes it such a noble investment that’s worth considering. With the market flooded with tons of properties for sale, buyers and investors are always on the lookout for key features that are capable of making the property stand out. Loft conversion is one of the best options to consider however, ensure that you work with expert registered Architect that is familiar with the local planning policies and custom home builders

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