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3 Things to Consider When Planning Loft Conversion

Updated: Jan 23

Whether you are in need of an extra space in your house or you are looking for some effective ways that you can use to add more features and space to your room; loft conversion stands out as an ideal option to consider. Planning for loft conversion is never simple as there are a number of things that should be considered; however, the process becomes less daunting when working with expert custom home builders and architects.

Here are some of things to consider as you plan for loft conversion;

Understand your Space

One of the key things that you should consider as you plan for loft conversion is to ascertain whether you have an ideal space in the house. With the help of a professional architect, you can get insight on key factors such as the head height, lighting ideas and other key features that you may want in your home and whether all that can be possible with loft conversion.

The expert architect that you choose to work with for home remodeling purposes will also provide you with insight on some of the key features such as addition of staircase if that’s necessary within your space and other interior aspects of the conversion.


Another key factor to consider when planning for loft conversion is the aspect of pricing. As much as house remodeling can be daunting, settling for an upgrade that is within your budget is quite important. Drawing from experience by expert architects and from the research that was undertaken by Atelier 41 amongst contractors; the cheapest loft conversion ranges from £35000 -£40000 for a terraced house to £60-70000 for semi/detached and detached

For hip to gable loft extensions another £10-15 000 had to be added and all that depends also on the area. There are instances where prices are based on sq.m for example, £1800-2000 per sq.m. Pricing is therefore a key factor that should be taken into consideration when planning for loft conversion and working with qualified architects in this field such as Atelier can be of great help.

Get the required approval

If you are to make extensions in your home then there might be a need for planning permission before you get started with the work. However, when planning for loft conversion, planning permission may not be required for loft conversions as they are classified as permitted developments. If in case the remodeling of your home may demand for a complete change of how your home looks then some approval might be required.

As much as loft conversion may not require any of approval, working with a professional custom home builder can help with ensuring that you make the right decision regarding your space without having to worry about getting approval or permits. As you engage professional custom home builders for loft conversion work, it’s advisable that you also take time and check with the local planning department just to ensure that you are not in any way breaking laws.

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