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Guide to Extending your Home

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Atelier 41 Architects - Guide to extending your home

We are happy to announce that Atelier 41 Architects are one of just a few companies recommended in the London Borough of Barnet Guide to Extending your Home . Extending your house can be a very frustrating task for someone who is unfamiliar with the current planning policies or building regulations. Here at Atelier 41 Architects we are always happy to assist with any queries whether it is at early stage of the development or the works have started on site. For those who would like to find out more about the process a good indication can be found in the mentioned above guide that will take you through the building control process and explain how it will affect the building control matters whether you are considering house extension, conversion or only a minor internal remodelling. But it has to be noted that every building is assessed on its own merits, site conditions may be different even for two identical projects and in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes it is best to contact experienced architects like us. We have helped hundreds of clients in the past and have an excellent knowledge of local planning policies and regulations which makes the whole process effortless for the client and our technical knowledge helped to make cost savings on many occasions. Employing an architect at an early stage of construction process might contribute towards better planning of your budget and avoid any legal or financial pitfalls. Even before the process starts, by estimating required scope of works we can prepare a quick viability study and provide a rough quote that client can expect and also reduce the construction cost working closely with the client and advising on areas where the additional cost savings can be found. Such help cannot be underestimated as the final quotes from the building companies very often vary by more than 10% which may hugly impact the viability of the entire development. It has to be also mentioned that at every stage of the design and development process we strictly follow RIBA ( Royal Institute of British Architects) and ARB (Architects Registration Board) code of practice and implement the highest industry standards working on variety of architectural projects.

We are avoiding the industry jargon to make the project understandable and as pleasant as possible. Consistency, diligence and hard work are our trademark. Although architecture is our passion and we like to focus mainly on the design delivering beautiful buildings we care about our clients' overall satisfaction.

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