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Why you should do Basement waterproofing with Delta System

Updated: Jan 23

When building the basement, the walls and the floor are normally up against the soil so when the soil gets wet, it eventually affects the walls and such can have a negative impact on the building. Basement waterproofing should be given a lot of emphasis when building as water can seep through and ruin the internals of the basement. There are two concepts that should be taken into consideration when building basement, finding a way of keeping the water out or letting the water in then managing it.

Depending on the environment where the building is, it’s important to note that the environment can change with water tables and underground streams also changing overtime and such can have an impact on the basement. The material used for waterproofing the basement is therefore of great importance and having such tasks undertaken by professional architects is vital. Use of waterproofing system that’s not appropriate can allow for the hydrostatic pressure to build overtime leading to a crack in the foundation that can allow water to gain access into the building.

Advantages of using Delta waterproofing system

Delta system is a high performance waterproofing system that keeps away air and moisture from getting into the basement. The system consists of high density polyethylene resin with a membrane that’s remarkably impermeable to water or even water vapor. It’s also unaffected by acidic and alkaline environments which makes it great for use in any environment. The HDPE is highly stabilized against oxidation and provides some impact resistance and outstanding compressive strength alongside environmental and chemical crack resistance.

To effectively build your basement with waterproofing delta system, you should consider working with expert architects that are well versed with how the system works and how it can be built in place. When working with delta system, the air gap that gets created when working with the impermeable dimpled sheet ensures that there is a safe separation between the ground moisture and the foundation wall. The membrane helps with keeping water away from reaching the wall as it gets to the soil to the drainage system. If in case water is left to touch the sheet in any way then the air gap may allow it to drain without the hydrostatic pressure building up.

The air gap also creates room for the foundation wall to breath while the tough membrane serves as a layer of protection. If in case delta is used on top of a sheet or spray is applied as waterproofing system, it in turn provides such a highly effective protection from damages that might happen as a result of back-filling operations. Working with a professional architect help with identifying the status of the basement and how delta system can be applied to help in ensuring safety and security of the entire building.

Delta system is a proven basement waterproofing solution that works far much better than any coating. Delta system can be used to address issues with soil dampness, large cracks and other issues that might arise at the foundation and basement level of the building.

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